“Human Heart Is On The Market !”

Let the red sea show its redness -
with its blood tainted waves,
Let the Sahara spill its guts -
to show the bones of its corpse,
Let the minefield display -
the remains of the body parts.
from the never ending slavery
hoping to be free
dodging bullets and mines
risking death to flee
when the numbers began to mount
family and community disintegrate
society begins to gloom on its intensity
results of beastial crueility
as vultures shadows the sky for corpse
greedy smugglers, hungry for victims
high ranking officers, and nomads alike
requesting ransom money - to spare a helpless life
for the sake of survival - subjected to the utmost humility
No one to help, No one to rescue, No witness to the cruelty
all kept secret, in the sea, in the ocean and the desert
somewhere in the middle east - Human heart is on the market
for a life of a refugee - nothing is missing, nothing is lost
mother hoping for the best - not knowing her child's fate
if one resort to the twisted sense of humanity
your spirit lives in the mind - who benefited from your humility
the mixed feelings of those you gave an extension on life,
the "slave traders", who enticed you to the slaughter house
the evil system, that deprived you the comfort of your home
Citizens of sisterly nation
bring peace to the region
win back your emancipation
join hands for a peaceful mission