when might failed to bring order 
and the resistance can’t deliver
passion and vigor lost its course
 to a crisis and frozen conflicts 
when anger and emotion takes over
greed and vengeance spread like a fire
tweaking, twisting, dancing and daring 
rage, so powerful, fluid, and engaging 
When you think all is well
thoughtless conditions rise again
when you know the motivations
they retaliate and justify their actions
vividly remember the evil of the past
no better than the present
witnessed humanity at its worst
hoping to see it at it’s best
tragedy that awoke the dormant
wise men neglected to point it out
simple truth twisted and stretched 
enlightened advice, deliberately ignored
the malaise, the cause and the intentions
to an absurd and desperate assertions
voyages and dreams of Lampedusa victims
movements with self serving notions
as the aloof led,  loyalists pretend
knowing at the end, they will be ahead
sham unity, preferred and endorsed
urgent action, dragged and prolonged
Children of immigrants, reverse the trend
friends & foe, tear down the invisible fence
be free, unrestricted with courage and care
remember the darkest day in September