a woman with no name

a mother of a child

of a certain origin

on a truck; among another kind


driven away from her village

in search of a passage

to the other side

for shelter; for fear of her life


like hyenas in the wild; waiting

ready for the killing

any other; of the other kind

a specific someone; in mind


aware of a road block; ahead

a bottle-neck or; a blood gate

to a place where

she won't be anymore; here


she hands her child

to a woman sitting beside

raise her as your own; she begs

soon after she saw the men; hands-on machetes


she became a statistic; number game

a mother; a woman of no name

a faceless victim; a dead torch among many

a killing; just a disfigured body

a warning

for a genocide in the making


Gabriel Guangul

3 February 2014