You see me

Familiar am I?

Yes we have met…

Remind you?

Imagine this pen was a spade

Then think back to your holiday prints

Me in the awfully tattered khaki

You in baggy shorts and funky t-shirt

Looking out of your designer shades

As I squint into the midday heat

No I wasn’t looking you in the eye then

Nor were head to head like now

With my ears tuned to muffled cries

From the underground prison

Yours to the booming music

Immediately above

Me planning my escape

As you enjoyed your escape

That September we both left Eritrea

Seventeen hours later you were here

I was shot at on the border

Was sold, bought and resold

The map of that trip is scored on my back

Do you want to see? No I didn’t think you would

My best friend was maimed

The other one died in a cell

My sweetheart drowned

Countless I left behind

I am here now

If you can see me

Read my lips


No more




This piece was inspired by Luam Estefanos’ article on her experiences in the military service; exactly a month ago today Luwam and colleagues launched a campaign to stop slavery in Eritrea, please join the campaign and help them make this a reality visit:

Selam Kidane