A two day Horn of Africa Peace Conference organized by  Eritrean Citizens for Peace (ECfP) will take place in Atlanta from December 10,  to 11, 2010.

Around 60 intellectuals, professors and civil activists from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia will gather for a two day extensive discussion on how to best  build a grass root peace movement in the region with aspirations  of encouraging citizens to take active role in regional peace efforts

The Horn of Africa suffers from intractable conflicts that are affecting the lives of millions of citizens on daily basis. The effort to lunch a regional peace movement is based on  the hope of getting citizens both in their respective homeland and in the vast Diaspora communities to contribute positively to the building of badly needed voice for peace and harmony in the region.

We hope all those interested to see a peaceful and prosperous Horn of Africa will take this opportunity to encourage this modest citizen’s effort by sharing the news with others and extending a public support to the conference.

All those interested in    getting detail about the Atlanta Conference  in particular or the organizers of the conference  -   E. C. f. P can communicate with us through the following address:

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