Apparently, and as it is becoming more crystal clear, after decades of war of liberation and almost two decades of independence Eritrea still finds itself with a government in which absolute power is vested in a single man – the almighty Isayas. Consequently, we are witnessing mass exodus of Eritreans of all ages from all cross-sections of the society in an attempt to have a safe and peaceful place to live.

After 19 years of tenure of office as government, this absolutely iniquitous and evil regime is at odds not only with its own people but also with each and every one of its neighbors, regional and international agencies and with the international community at large. Its ineptness in international diplomacy and disregard to accepted norms of statesmanship rendered young Eritrea a very inauspicious image in the face the international community. Only God knows where we might end up!

This nasty behavior and tyrannical rule of the regime is not confined to inside Eritrea, it even goes beyond its immediate borders and encompasses almost everywhere Eritreans reside as refugee communities. Like the policy of neo-colonialism, the Eritrean government sticks to and actively implements a policy of what we may call it “neo-tyranny”. This is a policy whereby the Asmara regime uses its well placed agents and community associations as a means to perpetuate or extend its influence over the Diaspora community in Europe and elsewhere.

These days, almost every community association or gathering of some sort of exiled Eritreans is indirectly controlled and manipulated by the tyrannical regime in Eritrea. These community organizations funded by the tax payers’ money of their respective host countries have long been conducive agencies to indirectly exert the oppressive power of the tyrannical police state of Isayas Afeworki.

In the UK, just like everywhere else, Isayas’ policy of neo-tyranny has long been actively co-ordinated and overseen by the embassy in London and fully implemented by the regimes’ agents who have infiltrated and controlled each and every community association in the country.

Most of these agents are ex-liberation fighters and their families and siblings but there are also people who also affiliate themselves to PFDJ as members. They came to and settled in the UK pretending to be asylum seekers but actually they were deliberately sent out by the regime with a mission to carry out all forms and acts of neo-tyranny. This is an awful act of persecution in a free country against which the people and government of the United Kingdom should stand up shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed people of Eritrea both here and inside Eritrea.

This policy of neo-tyranny has thus far been successful partly owing to the ineptness and disunity of the Eritrean opposition forces which time and again fail to reach out, organize and mobilize the Diaspora for change.

Hence, having analyzed the continued psychological, social and economic effects of the policy of neo-tyranny, recognizing its impedimental effect to our struggle for our people, we members of the Eritrean Youth Global Movement of Northern UK branch are determined to wage all legally available means including naming and shaming of agents to challenge and reverse the perpetuation of all forms and acts of neo-tyranny in this free country.

In this connection, we call upon all like minded individuals and organizations to closely work with Eritrean Youth Global Movement-UK in a spirit of solidarity and fraternity for the common good of all. We also call upon the people and government of the UK and its relevant departments in particular to pay attention to the practice and effect of the policy of neo-tyranny.

Eritrean Youth Global Movement of Northern UK branch.

May 2010