1.  The school at the centre of Tuesday’s protest is now open

  2. I was outside at the end of their school day students confirmed that there were armed police there

  3. There is a lot of tension in town, the picture below shows traders being barred from gathering, even for business

  4. ‪The youngest protestors are being release gradually, as are a few of the mothers but there are still many in prison


  1. As the pictures below shows the Catholic Seminary is shut by order of police


  1. during the protests Division 525, commonly known among the people as Special Forces surrounded the presidential office armed with heavy artillery. And the police were near the ministry of education, the plan was to shoot any parthett went past the Ministry of education (the heavily armed Special Forces were ready for that action). After the protest the heavy artilleries were on stand-by in parts of Asmara and especially in Akria. At present there are many undercover officers in many parts of the city and particularly in crowded areas, they are in constant radio contact.

  2. Almost the entire administrative committee of the DIa school are now in prison

  3. There are many in Karsheli Prison, some families went to take food for the prisoners and there was a bit of a crowd outside Karsheli. However many don’t know where their family members have been taken to

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