Gossip mongering: From downtown cafés to cybercafés

Tesfamichael W. Tewelde

“Time heals everything” – is what I have been saying to myself, time and time again lately, as we are about to witness the healing of our country. Seeing the evident role of Eritreans from inside and the Diaspora, and watching the dictator’s recent clueless interviews, I feel like our long awaited dream is not far from becoming true. We have to ask ourselves, though - what have we done so far and what needs to be done, for the betterment of our people. From what I have been observing, I think it is time that we stop wasting our time in gossip-mongering the regime, as we have had enough of it, since our times in the unforgettable cafes of downtown Asmara, and now using the different forms of the cyber-world. Thus, we must start acting the way we are supposed to, at this very demanding time of our history. We have to start thinking about what Eritrea should look like after the dictator, as it looks eminent that he will be out of office soon.

Being part of our youth movements, I am pleased and honored to see our visible threats to the regime. Although I believe we haven’t done enough yet, I am overwhelmed with our recent demonstrations, from all over the world – keep it up! You truly honest Eritreans in action, is my timely message. I believe the solution to our country’s problem is definitely unique – and can’t be copied from cases of other countries. The next step to achieving our true freedom is to be united and act sooner rather than later. There are some Eritreans who say, peaceful dialogue with the dictatorial regime, as the only way to our solution. Which, I believe is the most unlikely, outdated and too late option. Because, I do not expect the dictator to be ready to apologize for what he did so far. And there are others who say armed struggle as the only way to overthrow the regime. This too, from my personal opinion, is not a preferable move. Because, the conscripted soldiers are parts of our whole being and we can’t fight with us. Hence, in one way or another, it is important to analyze on how to get rid of our main bottlenecks.

Well, there are few Eritreans who support the regime for different reasons, and honestly I don’t hate those who are blindfolded, and innocently supporting the regime, just because they care about our country’s image in the world. But, I can’t have words for those who are deliberately supporting the regime, knowing beforehand, the road that the dictator has been walking, obviously will end up in hell. For these fellows, I would like to call them to admit their mistakes and join our movements in no time, and I believe most of us will be more than willing to forgive them and forget their past. Because, there is only one way to progress as a nation in our contemporary world – to let the bygones be bygones for a better and bright future. But, if they don’t ask forgiveness, I think we are now at the right time to give them some sort of warning - that they will have to regret after realizing our true democracy. Indeed, I want us to be reunited regardless of our minor differences. Because, finding the best solution to our immense problem, and achieving our possible dream of developed Eritrea, will surely bring back the long lost smiles to our charming faces. Thus, to cure the problem and have a lasting solution, I would like to conclude with a remark that I made in my recently published book, entitled “Exodus of the Betrayed Pearl”.

I have mentioned there, about the importance of collective discussions. Hence, I would like to remind all concerned Eritreans, living in the country and Diaspora, that this is the right time for us to start living our lives of maturity and not hover around and complain about our problems like silly, immature and irresponsible ones – magnifying our differences and staying in our separate corners with no discussion at all. I wonder why most of us have been reluctant to discuss with all stakeholders of our country’s interests. Let us wake up and start having dialogue – even with those who are blindfoldly supporting the regime – to collectively derive and find our lasting solution. Let us take a worthy step and contribute something towards the collapse of dictatorship in our country - rather than bemoaning about the problem. Let us, then, stay up and doing the right job at the very demanding time, with one heart, still believing in what the Chinese people say - “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

Antwerp, Belgium

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