Eritrean Youth Call for Solidarity protest Against a London Night Club

(London 23-05-2012) customers and neighbours of Troxy’s night club on Commercial Road in London, were met with an unexpected crowd of Eritrean protestors yesterday afternoon. The Eritreans were protesting the use of the venue by supporters of the dictatorial regime that has driven countless Eritreans into exile since it took power, following the conclusion of one of the longest Independence Wars in the world, 21 years ago this week.

On the 21st anniversary of their Independence, Eritreans all over the world are protesting various forms of human rights abuse inside the country and support for terrorist activities in Somalia and other countries in the region, perpetrated by the Government of Eritrea. Meanwhile, the Embassy in Islington, London is busy raising funds to make up for the loss in income that the regime is faced with as more and more donors around the globe wise up to the potential misuse of developmental aid given to Eritrea. The event to be held at the Troxy Nightclub next Friday is part of this fund raising campaign under the guise of Independence Day Celebrations orchestrated by the regime.

Since 2009 Eritrea has been under International Sanction due to regime’s involvement in supporting the Al-Qaida affiliated organisation, Al-shabab, in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa region.

Coordinating the protest at Troxy’s and numerous others around the world, is the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC)- an alliance of young Eritrean refugees who have been driven out of the country as a result of the human and democratic rights violations, including the indefinite military service that is compulsory for everyone from the age of 18. Coordinators at EYSC state that they are : ‘calling Troxy to not give the dictator in Eritrea the opportunity to raise funds, hence extending its reign of terror and abuse on Eritreans and the peoples of the wider Horn of Africa Region’.

Eritrean Youth are holding a large protest rally outside the Embassy on Friday the 25th of May and this will be followed by a protest outside Troxy


Eritrea got its independence from neighbouring Ethiopia 21 years ago. However today  Eritreans inside the country live under one of the most brutal regimes in the world today. The regime prohibits its nationals from exercising their basic human and democratic rights, and is intolerant to any form of freedom of expression.

  • PFDJ is Eritrea’s ruling party and the only legal party in the countrol
  • The regime in Eritrea has been criticized by numerous human rights organizations owing to its appalling records of human rights abuse. Eritrea is one of the worst abusers of freedom of press in the world today and the religious freedom violations in the country have also been a cause for grave concern to the international communit
  • Eritrea’s indefinite National Service has been highlighted as illegal and unjust
  • Many Eritrean young people flee the country to escape the National service and all the other human rights abuses. Eritrea is one of the top refugee producing nations in the world today.
  • Eritrea youth fleeing the country are faced by numerous obstacles including the government’s ‘shoot to kill ‘ policy for those caught. They also fall pray of unscrupulous people smugglers and traffickers, including those who are involved in illegal organ harvesting
  • Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC) is a Diaspora based global youth movement, fighting for democracy and justice in the country.


Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC)

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