Any entity that highlights a wrongdoing to the Government of Eritrea is considered as 'hostile to Eritrea'.  Amnesty International is a case in point.

FYI, the primary focus of Amnesty International is to “conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated."

Before you read "AI’s Clandestine and Nefarious Mission to Eritrea", just for the sake of argument, imagine what the Eritrean government would say about:

  • The tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees;
  • All those who are advocating for human rights to be respected in Eritrea?
  • Families of political prisoners;
  • Members of civil societies in diaspora?
  • The Catholic Church;
  • Members of the smaller faith groups in the country;
  • The Conscientious objectors;
  • Those who object to the open-ended nature of the national service;
  • Stranded segments of our populations in neighbouring countries;
  • The muzzled public;
  • International institutions such as Human Rights Watch, Transparency International, International Crisis Group, Reporters without Border;
  • ... and more.

Now invites you to read an article published on Eritrea Profile, Government Newspaper, concerning the 'hostile agenda' of Amnesty International.

But, as you read the Eritrea Profile article, please reflect on government’s agenda in shooting down everything that moves away from its dictum.

Tittle:  AI’s Clandestine and Nefarious Mission to Eritrea

Eritrea Profile, Saturday, October 12, 2019 Vol. 26 No.65 p.2

By: Ministry of Information, Asmara, 10 October 2019

In summary, here is how Eritrea Profile concluded its contrived 'investigative journalism':

[The work of AI] amplifies the scope and magnitude of the hostile agendas pursued by certain quarters to sow discord and turmoil in the country and roll back its hard-won independence. All these attempts have been foiled by the resilience of the Eritrean people.

Today, in these promising times when the regional situation is changing in the aftermath of the historic Eritrea-Ethiopia peace agreement, certain forces who have not accepted the new reality seem still wedded to the policy of adversity and hostility. The recent report by Human Rights Watch that peddles vitriolic disinformation on the National Service is a case in point.

Ministry of Information


10 October 2019