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Another 30 believers arrested in Eritrea

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Another 30 believers arrested in Eritrea

(Asmara 09-02-2013) A group of 30 believers from Philadelphia Church in the suburbs of Asmara known as Mai- Temenai were taken to prison after their respective houses were raided and some were found to be praying together.

These arrests follow an earlier wave of arrests of another group of 20 believers who were arrested following a targeting surveillance by security officers earlier this month. The latest arrests have brought the number of recent victims of religious persecution to around 50 believers in one month. All the recent victims are reported to being held at the notorious Karsheli prison in the compounds of the 2nd police station.

One of the prisoners is an 85 year old grandmother, who was founding hosting a bible study meeting in her house. Mrs Hajer Yohans a resident of Akriya in Asmara is renowned for her hospitality and love.  Speaking of the arrests Rev Dr Berhane Asmelash director of Release Eritrea said: ‘it looks like we are in the midst of a renewed campaign of raids and arrests and it is worrying that not even the elderly and frail are spared this time, I pray that God will bring all this to an end soon’  .

Release Eritrea will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates and calls on all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea to pray, support and advocate on behalf of these and all other prisoners in Eritrea.


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