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Textless Reign of Silence

in a country called Eritrea

where nobody knows where

mobile phones find themselves

locked in prison cells


immobilized by security codes; button less

hacked to death; more or less

freedom itself is left speechless

unable to text; textless



Of Loose and Silent Tongues

security codes lie in wait

right beside the gate

holding the tongue hostage

blocking the air passage


stuck in the tunnels

inside rusty pipes and faulty valves

some words joined forces

just to make phrases



Eritrea - there you are

We are standing still; on our own

and there you are; so close

yet; so far away

farewell; to a journey in the unknown


The time has come

as it always does; for no one

but for us to join; in peace

in loving memory



Serious People - II

Well, He seems to

have decided to let hurricanes blow

new winds to penetrate

new routes, new waves

hailstorms hit pavements

the seas grow hot

and volcanoes boil

their sweat is carried

to the Red Sea home.



Ode to Yohanna’s Baby


The small cramped quarters

A lone light bulb dangling above

A baby was born

Her bright intelligent eyes wide open



Figure Out

So self-righteous she was
She put everything right; in the wrong way

So obsessed with truth; he was
He had nothing left to say



Serious People - I

Along the river Nile, I met the Flame Tree

its long limbs stretching to the sky

the blue hues along with clouds

became the canvas for its drawing


Its red-hot flames poked out from the greens

yellow flicker of burning sunshine

telling me that fire burns otherwise

soft petals glowing with color




broadcasting so heavy a shadow

a shield standing in front

light outcast

in the wild


a hunter

in the dark

light years away

a body mass of no weight





she hands her child

to a woman sitting beside

raise her as your own; she begs

soon after she saw the men; hands-on machetes


she became a statistic; number game ...

a faceless victim; a dead torch among many

... a warning

for a genocide in the making



Now You See Me


That September we both left Eritrea

Seventeen hours later you were here

I was shot at on the border

Was sold, bought and resold

The map of that trip is scored on my back

Do you want to see? No I didn’t think you would

My best friend was maimed

The other one died in a cell




Gravitating to unregistered awareness
In fractured identities
In sleeping sickness
In morbid madness

Rising with eyes frozen; dead blank
Lifeless; zombie-like
Despite all signs of life; yet unborn
Just swimming; in the womb of the twilight zone


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