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Of Dreams and Death

... Martyrdom is part of religions such as Christianity at its inception. It is said that Christianity was the cause for the fall of the Roman Empire. Reason given, because there was life after death, there was no reason to behave normally for an actual life under a pragmatic Roman rule. Is there a lesson here? Didn’t thousands die because “martyrdom” was acceptable? In this day and age, normal soldiers do not go to war to die. They go to defend their country, its ideals, and mainly to win. Death is only a condition of the status quo and not a “choice”.



Dejen’s Syndrome: the Contradictions of the Eritrean Mind

Eritreans are first and foremost prisoners of their minds. ... We can, in fact, say that Dejen was actually locked up in multiple prisons, the one inserted into the other like a Russian doll. It took him four years to conduct an escape from the prison in his head, the one that held him hostage to the system. Only when he escaped from this mind-prison, as he gave up on the system, was he able to entertain an escape from the physical prison. And all of this was to flee from the nation, as hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have already been doing, however less spectacular their escapes might be. To fight back against the system requires an altogether different state of mind: he has to free himself from being a hostage of the revolutionary past that has made him deny agency to his oppressors. ...



Decolonizing the mind: A shift in thinking

I believe the noble endeavor to collect and document the history of ELF and its gallant fighters is one of the most constructive undertakings in present day Eritrean Diaspora. I intend to present my observation of the process and its implication in the near future. I have been lucky enough to attend the second and third reunion held in Atlanta since it was open for the public. I felt I was in an open university with an insight into the nature of the liberation front that had the capability to transform former Eritrean commandos at the service of the Ethiopian government into liberation fighters. This achievement and other thousands of heroic deeds have to be recorded in detail and made a part of the true National History Archive.



“Holy Prison” Mariam Gembi before the Blue Terror there was……….

Two of them took me to a part of the building that used to be a 'mogogo' (a separate room for making injera).  There they made me put my hands, tied, under my feet and inserted a wooden pole through my legs. They hoisted me up and put me upside down making my bare feet 'at arm’s length. The investigator started looking for a stick. One of them took what I think was a hard stick with plastic rope around it and asked if I had anything more to say. “No”. Then he started beating the soles of my feet. I started to scream but they put a piece of cloth on my mouth. I started to choke. ...



The Vaccaro momentum: building an organisation and developing a strategy and plan of action

What is amazing about Tewolde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vaccaro) is that he was able to attract large number of listeners to come to listen to him. It is fundamentally important to acknowledge that, it is because people have related to him, to what he was saying, his approach, his simplicity, commitment and selflessness.  They shared his dreams for unity, justice and democratic Eritrea. And also of his genuine concern that the opposition is too fragmented to put up united and effective resistance to repression, even though the objective condition for change is ripe.



Catholic Bishops Sounding the “Extinction” Alarm in Eritrea

It seems to me that the problem of Eritrea has long ago stopped being political or even humanitarian; it has become a subject matter for “pure mathematics” to handle. Provide any fourth-grader who knows his addition with the figures of all those who are fleeing the nation in mass exodus per month/year and the years it takes in Eritrean minds to realize they are heading towards extinction, he would figure it out in few minutes when the cataclysmic end would be arriving. For lack of a fourth-grader head, uncluttered with revolutionary and nationalistic rhetoric, a nation is being lost. ...

With no such revolutionary or nationalistic malaise clouding their eyes, the Bishops are telling us in no unclear terms that such extinction is in fact in the making. What makes the Pastoral Letter unique is that it is the first time any Eritrean organization, be it religious or secular, to have focused on the existential predicament of the nation with such intensity. ...



Commemorating June 20th Martyrs' Day

The 20th of June is a day of commemoration for all those who sacrificed their lives for the Eritrean struggle for independence, and for those who lost their lives in the 1998-2000 border conflict with Ethiopia. It is also a commemoration day for all those political prisoners who lost their life in prison or were executed by the Ethiopian regime during the liberation struggle.

The same day is also an honour and a day of commemoration for all civilians, who were killed in Asmara during the demonstrations in 1958 and for all civilians who became the victims of the Ethiopian government atrocities between 1962-1991.



A few words on the "Pastoral Letter" by the Catholic Bishops of Eritrea

The pastoral letter by the four Catholic Bishops of Eritrea, can be called more of a "letter of Lamentation" which describes the situation in which the nation finds itself. ...

While commendable in being the first of its kind to come out of one of the established churches of Eritrea,  nonetheless it remains still a letter of Lamentation only and does not propose a solution to the problem.  It appears to emphasizes on collective blame rather than finger-pointing at the Asmara regime which is the solely responsible of the social and political crisis in the nation. It blames no one in particular and everyone in General.



The Catholic Bishops’ statement: How is it going down in the annals of history?

Some might argue that the bishops represent the Catholic Church only. I do not believe this is the case. They are the voice of the voiceless. They represent all highlanders and lowlanders, Muslims and Christian, and men and women. They are echoing the views of the young and the old. They are reiterating the sentiments of the majority – both inside Eritrea and the diaspora. They are ready to pay dearly for speaking the truth and for leading the people on the right path to salvation.



Unfiltered Notes: Are we losing the deeper message of Eritrea’s courageous Catholic Bishops?

That is not the whole story, however. Could a one-man empire last this long if we had heeded the Bishops’ deeper lesson? Did we honestly stick with the spirit of their question - “where is my brother”? What was our response when the disabled veterans were mercilessly mowed down or when so many people were herded to prison, some never to be heard from again? Except for very few brave souls, like our Catholic Bishops, we have all failed to do the right thing and that is why the regime has thrived this long.



The Eritrean Revolution’s Rule of Conduct: Ask Not About Your Brother


... True, the communities in Eritrea had throughout their long history the “Fear of God”, and to an admirable degree, the respect for traditional laws. However, these attributes were abruptly and violently made to wither over the long period of ghedli hegemony. All the “social capital” the traditional communities had was degraded and trampled down by the ghedli operatives. The period was, in other words, “a dejen of error” [1] and anticipated the current social malaise.

...His comrades, among many, such as Petros Solomon, who was his prison inmate in Somalia, did not whisper,“Where Is My Brother”, until his turn to be a victim in September, 2001. The experience of others who joined the organization later is not different ...



(II) Fear to Phobia in the ambiguity of Eritrean image!

No wonder fact of the matter is even though the dictator deserves a huge shame and blame, it is the reigning secretive world view too absorbed in promoting ideas of independence and self-reliance (ፈኸራን ጥረራን እንዳ ዝናን ባህታን) that bears accountability for all the mess. Accordingly it is not another battle type of Badme or slaying a dictator but a sort of creative battle of ideas that can evolve and improve the way out of the secretive world view in order to envision a better way for the management of relationships.



Sophia Tesfamariam adds Insult to Eritrea’s Injury

But Sophia’s role – her only role seems to be whitewashing the gross violations perpetrated in Eritrea…just like the G15 are in EraEro, incommunicado for over a decade,  because the benevolent pfdj felt  they should be protected from the Eritrean masses and like the journalist were only denied the rights to live and work freely because the Eritrean public demanded so… the young people who perished in Lampedusa ended up in a sinking furnace because their rich, pompous families decided they’d send them on a lavish expedition out of the paradise called Eritrea!


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