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Report: The Dialogue with Elsa Chyrum

“Has God deliberately blinded us, or is it that we are callous because we have seen too much suffering.” Elsa Chyrum  challenged the Eritrean community, “We can’t continue living our daily lives as if nothing is happening.” She said our first objective should be “to remove this regime and to institute a system that respects human rights.”



Feds asked to ban Eritrean bagmen

Every summer, representatives of the government ot Eritrea, dubbed the North Korea of Africa, are granted visas to come to Canada and raise money for the regime, which hundreds of thousands have fled.

A human rights group in Winnipeg and its lawyer, David Matas, are pressing Citizenship and Immigration Canada to make sure these people don't get a pass to come into Canada again this summer.

(Photo: Daniel Awshek, Eritrean Canadian Human Rights Group, wants fundraisers from Eritrea kept  out.)



It's April, which means Eritrea's refugees are headed north

Last year Europe received around 484,600 asylum applications, according to the United Nations Humanitarian Commission on Refugees (UNHCR). Among those, 21,293 were Eritrean refugees, the majority of whom had arrived by boat from Libya to Italy. ...

“There are 13,000 Eritreans ready to cross the Mediterranean as soon as the waters calm down,” says Tsegay, an Eritrean smuggler who allowed me to interview him. ....

During 2013 and into 2014, refugee arrivals increased so rapidly — up to 1,000 people a week came during February 2014 — that Ethiopian authorities had to open a new camp, Hitsats, around 60 miles north of Adi Harush.

(Photo: the new Hitsatats refugee camp in Tigray)



Egypt/Sudan: A Call to End Torture of Refugees

(Geneva, March 17, 2014) – Members of the UN Human Rights Council called on Egypt and Sudan on March 14, 2014, to investigate and prosecute traffickers for kidnapping, torturing, and killing refugees in the Sinai Peninsula, Human Rights Watch said today. The 24 countries sponsoring the German-led statement also called on both countries to identify and prosecute any security officials who may have colluded with traffickers.



Meet the three Eritrean women who are taking on the regime

Feruz Werede, Selam Kidane and Meron Estefanos are finding ways of challenging one of the most repressive states in Africa. ...

Together these women have begun to dent the Eritrean regime’s sense of invulnerability. A year ago there were disturbances that shook the regime to its core, with an armoured column seizing the television station. The coup was poorly planned and failed. But the president’s prestige was badly dented, making the activities of dissidents like Feruz, Selam and Meron increasingly important.



Is Africa's hermit kingdom heading toward a military coup?

The rank and file of the armed forces, their numbers swelled by the policy of open-ended, obligatory national service that has sent more than 300,000 Eritreans fleeing the country in the last decade, are increasingly unhappy at the denial of civil rights, the rationing of basic commodities, and the flagrant corruption of senior officers. The PFDJ argument that Ethiopia's illegal occupation of Eritrean land -- in violation of a 12-year-old international boundary ruling issued in The Hague -- makes such sacrifice necessary is wearing thin.



African migrants want world community to take notice of their plight

Israeli vigilantes are taking matters into their own hands and committing crimes against the migrants. Cutting all water and electric power supply to the residencies of the migrants is one of the ploys being used. A five-storey building inhabited by refugees has had its supplies cut off by the landlord in retaliation to the ongoing protests. Biniam, an Eritrean man who lives in the building, said the matter had been reported to the town hall and the police. He added the officials were not forthcoming in assisting the migrants with the issue.



African asylum seekers strike to demand rights, hold unprecedented rally in Tel Aviv

Over 20,000 asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, assembled in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Sunday morning to demand recognition as refugees. Across Israel, asylum seekers went on a three-day strike, and more protests were planned.

In recent weeks, the government stepped up the arrest and imprisonment of African asylum seekers who entered the state without permits. Several months ago, Israel’s High Court of Justice struck down a law authorizing the state to lock up for three years any person who entered the country illegally, and in some cases, indefinitely. But last month the Knesset passed a new law, authorizing the state to hold asylum seekers in prison for a year. A new “open” holding facility named “Holot” began operating in the desert, where asylum seekers can be held indefinitely until their eventual deportation.



A Call to the Israeli Government and to the World

It has been a while since the Israeli Government began rounding up African refugees and putting them in jail without trial for indefinite amount of time. About 60% of these happen to be refugees from Eritrea. Eritreans are forced to leave their country to escape government oppression and did not chose to be refugees.



Dire conditions and forced conscription hold the answers to Eritrea's refugee crisis, new campaign claims.

The, Stop National Service Slavery in Eritrea Campaign launches today (January 1st) in Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, UK  and Italy. The campaign links Eritrean born activists across Europe and will call upon local governments to recognise the oppressive regime in Eritrea, which is responsible for the mass exodus of 18,000 citizens, who risk their lives trying to escape.

The campaign will last six months and will culminate in Geneva in June, where the group will appeal the UN Human Rights Council to intervene in Eritrea. Organizers of the campaign state:‘ we have seen the boat disaster in Lampedusa in October, we continue to be devastated by the heinous acts committed against our brothers and sisters in Libya and the Sinai Desert, in Tel Aviv and the refugee camps across the region in the Horn of Africa young Eritreans continue to suffer, all this is because they can’t live freely in their own homes, we want the enslaving of young Eritreans to stop and we appeal for the world to recognize the National Service as the slavery it is’.



Eritrean Embassy offering advice how to make illegal money transfers

Migrants make claims day after brawl involving dozens of Eritrean regime opponents and supporters at Kibbutz Kinneret.

The Eritrean Embassy in Israel is advising migrants in Israel how to transfer money back to Eritrea through a bank account in Germany, contrary to Israeli law, which forbids such transfers, a group of Eritrean migrants said at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

The migrants called the press conference the morning after a brawl involving dozens of regime opponents and supporters at an event organized by the embassy at Kibbutz Kinneret on Saturday, in which over a dozen people were wounded and around 15 arrested. They said that the embassy gave instructions to migrants about how to transfer money and also advertised real estate in Eritrea, telling them that it was a good opportunity for them to build a house back in their home country.


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