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Press Release

Virtually No Border Control in Eritrea

Speaking from the capital this afternoon they said: ‘the sheer number of refugees making the crossing into Europe via Libya as well as the rising numbers of those crossing the border into Sudan and Ethiopia comes as no surprise to us here, everyone here talks about those who have left the country and the fact that the borders are virtually free of security forces’. The poor border control is believed to be a result of diminished capacity in the army due to the level of defections. ..



Anti National Service Slavery Campaign Welcomes UN Findings

The Stop National Service Slavery in Eritrea Campaign, welcomes the United Nations Special Rapporteur comments on the situation of human rights in Eritrea. Sheila B. Keetharuth,’s warning about persisting human rights violations in the Eritrea and particularly in the context of the Eritrean national service is something that the Campaign has been focusing on since its launch in January 2014.




Elsa Chyrum, Director of Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE), is starting a hunger strike today outside the Djibouti Mission to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, in support of 267 Eritrean refugees detained in Djibouti.



Press Release First Symposium of NEW (Network of Eritrean Women)

The first symposium of Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) held in Stockholm from 6th to 8th of March 2014. Eritrean women from different countries and backgrounds who strive to achieve a democratic and just Eritrean society where gathered. The two-day symposium was conducted under the theme of, Women’s right are human rights and gender equality needs to be incorporated in all political and socio-economic decision-making processes in Eritrea’, where women have equal rights and opportunities and therefore will be better equipped to contribute in building a healthy and developing society.



New Eritrean Film: Conversations with Martyrs

A new Eritrean Film featuring Fuad Alamin (the star of Tmali and many celebrated Eritrean films) and Solomon Fecadu.

Arbi Harnet is pleased to announce the inauguration of a very touching portrayal of the plight of Eritreans and particularly the Lampedusa disaster in October 2013, from the perspectives of those who were martyred during the liberation struggle and at the border conflict.



Egypt/Sudan: Traffickers Who Torture

(Berlin) - Traffickers have kidnapped, tortured, and killed refugees, most from Eritrea, in eastern Sudan and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, according to dozens of interviewees said Human Rights Watch. Egypt and Sudan have failed to adequately identify and prosecute the traffickers and any security officials who may have colluded with them, breaching both countries’ obligation to prevent torture.

The 79-page report, “‘I Wanted to Lie Down and Die:’ Trafficking and Torture of Eritreans in Sudan and Egypt,” documents how, since 2010, Egyptian traffickers have tortured Eritreans for ransom in the Sinai Peninsula, including through rape, burning, and mutilation. ... victims told Human Rights Watch that Sudanese and Egyptian security officers facilitated trafficker abuses rather than arresting them and rescuing their victims. Egyptian officials deny there are trafficker abuses in Sinai, allowing it to become a safe haven for traffickers.



Britain ignores illegal extortion by Eritrean government in the UK

Eritrean nationals in the UK, as well as individuals of Eritrean descent, are being forced to pay an illegal 2% tax levied on all their UK earnings by the Eritrean government. This is in addition to the ordinary taxes they pay in Britain.

Despite assurances from the British Government that this has been stopped, secretly filmed evidence reveals that this practice continues to be routine.  The new report includes the video evidence taken inside the Eritrean Embassy in London and is supported by official receipts issued by the embassy.



Eritrea Condemned on Indefinite National Service at UN Review

(Geneva 03-02-2014) Diplomats, gathered for the UN Universal Periodic Review, today identified the interminable National Service in Eritrea as a cause for grave concern.

Representatives of the Stop National Service Slavery in Eritrea Campaign were at the Geneva UN Headquarters, lobbying diplomats on the need to highlight the National Service, which has effectively become bondage of slavery on young Eritreans, as an issue of grave concern causing the Eritrean refugee crisis in the neighbouring countries and across the globe. Campaigners report that many Members noted the concern and made recommendations for ending the practice.



Eritrean Refugee dies in Negad detention cerntre in Djibouti

267 Eritrean detainees have been held in Negad prison in Djibouti for up to 6 years. These are mostly deserters from the enforced military conscription in Eritrea. However, because there is a border dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti, and these refugees have military training, they have been treated as enemy combatants and a military risk. Detention conditions have been so bad that some of the detainees have been described by witnesses as “barely looking human”. ...



An Open Letter to Jewish Council of Racial Equality

In recent weeks, the Israeli government stepped up the arrest and imprisonment of African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea. Several months ago, Israel’s High Court of Justice struck down a law authorizing the state to lock up for three years, and in some cases indefinitely, any person who entered the country illegally.  But last month the Knesset passed a new law, authorizing the state to hold asylum seekers in prison for a year. ...



The Eritrean Human Tragedy: Root Causes Why Eritreans Are Fleeing Their Country in Droves

By virtue of the fact that Eritrea has sadly become the ‘North Korea’ of Africa, the Eritrean people are today in a horrendous situation where their human worth and dignity count for nothing. Placed under circumstances of no option, the physically able youth are leaving their homeland to countries near and far in search of a flickering light of freedom. However, the grim reality of fleeing their homeland has made them vulnerable to untold tragedies. ...



UN Human Rights Council was Urged to Take Action to Address Slavery in Eritrea

(Geneva 27-01-2014) Over the last fourteen years tens of thousands of young Eritreans have fled their country escaping the indefinite military service, where they are forced to work in slave like conditions.

Stop National Service Slavery in Eritrea Campaign, calls on the UN Human Rights Council to address the concern that is driving up to 1,500 young Eritreans out of their country into refugee camps across the border and subsequently into the hands of human traffickers in the Sinai desert or in Libya from where they hope of crossing the continent to seek asylum elsewhere often unsuccessfully.



Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights of – Eritrea

The Government of Eritrea (GoE)agreed that under the constitution, an institution to “protect citizens’ human rights” would be provided; but, while stating that “the Constitution will be duly implemented”, made reference to the ongoing hostilities with Ethiopia, and made no commitment as to when this implementation would take place

  • Amnesty International (AI) reported that “no steps were taken to implement the 1997 constitution or hold free and fair elections”. Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE) and Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) recommended “that the Government of Eritrea implement the constitution”, and Article 19 recommended an “end to the state of Emergency”.


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