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Eritrean Public Forum for Democratic Change (E.P.F.D.C.) Of Greater Boston

Eritrean Public Forum for Democratic Change (E.P.F.D.C.) Of Greater Boston

590 Shawmut avenue, Boston, massachusetts, 02118

“Dialogue is the art of thinking together.”
William Isaacs

Dialogue clears the ground for peace, and empowers the civilized culture of democratic tolerance and sustainable development.

Invitation for the Renaissance of Democratic Dialogue

It is to be remembered that on our November 3,2012 meeting, we agreed on the importance of reestablishing the program of democratic dialogue; for no problem can be solved, nor any meaningful task can be done without the practice of dialogue. Especially in this darkest times in the history of our Eritrea, the development of a wide range democratic dialogue in our culture cannot be  emphasized enough.  At a minimum, dialogue can help in:

  • Developing the skill of listening for deeper understanding
  • Strengthening mutual respect and tolerance of differing views
  • Riddance of the negative habit of prejudgment
  • Focusing on what is spoken about rather than on the speaker
  • Developing open mindedness and free thinking
  • Establishing Constitutional Democratic System
  • Strengthening principled unity. . .etc

Therefore, to form the committee that would facilitate the service of dialogue on one hand, and also to talk about what we can do to keep the burning flame of the January 21 EDF’s historic  Forto  event on the other, all Eritreans are invited for a meaningful dialogue (meadi zete).

Date:    Saturday, February 23, 2013; Time: 6:00 pm.


Adhoc Committee

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