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Excerpts from the U.S. State Department daily briefing: "QUESTION: On Darfur, or Sudan

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QUESTION: Okay. I'm sure it's the same question on Bashir's -- 
QUESTION: Bashir's travel to - yes, his visit to Eritrea. 
MR. WOOD: Oh, I saw the reports. You know, our position remains the same with regard to, you know, people who have been accused of committing crimes, atrocities, that they need to be held accountable. And he - I'm sorry? 
QUESTION: You are not disappointed he has not been arrested in Eritrea? 
MR. WOOD: We're - what we are disappointed in is this decision that Bashir took to kick out these international aid organizations, and we want to see him reverse that decision. Going back to the ICC indictment, as we've said before, those who have committed these types of atrocities or been responsible for the commitment of these types of atrocities need to be held accountable. And so our policy has not changed. 
I'm sorry. You're -- 

Well, what does this say about the Eritreans, though? 

MR. WOOD: Well, look, that's a decision for the Eritreans. If they decide to arrest, you know, President Bashir or not, that's a decision for the Eritrean Government. However --

QUESTION: What they did was they welcomed him with - you know, with full honors. 

Well, we wouldn't do that here, I can assure you. That's a decision for the Eritrean Government. I can't say more than that."

QUESTION: But will – well --

QUESTION: You don’t think that --

QUESTION: What do you mean, you wouldn't --

QUESTION: -- (inaudible) to arrest him?

MR. WOOD: As we have said, we want to see those who commit these types of atrocities held accountable. I don’t think I can be any clearer on that.

Go ahead.

QUESTION: When you say that you would not do that here, what does that mean?

MR. WOOD: Well --

QUESTION: Would the United States be prepared to arrest President Bashir if he --

MR. WOOD: Look, what I’m saying is he would not be welcomed in the United States in any way. My point is only that, as we have said over and again, these types of atrocities, when you have people who are responsible for them, they need to be held accountable, they need to be brought to justice. And that’s been – we’ve been very clear on that.

And what I’m saying to you is that what we are very disappointed in right now – and I’m going to continue to make this point, as well as others – that this decision that President Bashir took with regard to kicking out these international aid organizations needs to be reversed and reversed immediately. We’re very concerned about the plight of the people of Darfur, and we’re going to continue to push until we can get that reversal. If we are unable to get him to reverse his decision, then we think it’s incumbent upon a number of countries in the international community that have relations and influence with the Government of Sudan to use that influence and to also try to fill in the gaps with regard to assisting the people of Darfur.



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