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The Time of Reckoning Part II

 Canada has issued a plan of the implementation of the UNSC Resolution 1907. Appendix O deals with Eritrea. See the Canada plan.

Lately, the top guns of the Eritrean regime have been travelling the globe. This appears to be to avert the UNSC Resolution 1907 from taking effect; though their engagements include only nations who are not members of the UNSC – be it permanent or non permanent members. President Isaias went to Qatar and Egypt, and the foreign minster of Eritrea was dispatched to South Africa. This is an excursion in futility, too late for such kind of detours. Such maneuvers are ill advised, since they do not answer the underlying requirements of the UNSC Resolution 1907. Globe trotting will not change anything. Qatar, Egypt and South Africa cannot overturn the UNSC Resolution 1907; on the contrary like all other members of the United Nations they are duty bound to abide by the UNSC Resolution 1907. (Resolutions passed under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charters are mandatory legal requirements on all members.)

It appears that the major powers that have significant impact on Eritrea -- in terms of financial aid to and trade with Eritrea -- have already issued their plans on how they plan to implement the resolution in their respective jurisdictions. These include Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and the European Union. (I assume the plan of the European Union covers for such big nations as the UK, France, Germany, Italy and so forth.)

As far as I know, the only important Western power that has as of yet not issued its plan is the USA. The questions are: Will there be any surprise when the USA issues its plan? Is the USA contemplating the suspension of its diplomatic relationship with Eritrea? Will the USA outlaw the PFDJ from operating in the USA?

Terrorism is not taken lightly in the USA. We know that for all intents and purposes the USA has already branded the top political guru of the PFDJ as a terrorist. The implication of such an acknowledgement is that the very organization that such a top rabbi leads itself must be a terrorist one too. This is an external recognition. As far as the Eritrean people are concerned, the PFDJ is an organization that is terrorizing them everyday, and Eritrea under the PFDJ is hell on earth. That the USA is now approximately in the same wavelength with the Eritrean people regarding the nature of the PFDJ is a godsend. Currently, the USA includes Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria in its list of states that sponsor terrorism. In all likelihood, Eritrea may join this infamous list. In that case, what follows next will be the suspension of diplomatic relationship between Eritrea and the USA. And then real pain will be inflicted on those Diaspora supporters of the PFDJ who reside in the USA, who are the lifeline of the oppressive organization. That will help in heralding the quick downfall of the Eritrean regime.

Eritrea under the PFDJ is an abnormal nation. The abnormality emanates from the inherent nature of the Eritrean regime to act outside the laws. In the international arena, one of the results of the lawless nature of the Eritrean regime is that it brought upon itself the UNSC Resolution 1907, and it is in direct combat with the USA -- and of all things issues that deal with terrorism. The relationship between the USA and the Eritrean regime cannot continue as is. I believe the USA will have an ordinary and customary relationship with Eritrea only when Eritrea becomes a normal nation -- that is a nation that subscribes to the rule of law internally and respects international law externally.

These days one is forced to recollect the fates of Charles Taylor, Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin and Ian Smith; such villains lived outside normal laws and acted as if they were omnipotent and supreme in their days; are the actions of Isaias that different?