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Pfdj trying to sink this fish!

Pfdj trying to sink this fish!

…this is all about Forto 2013  and where we are and where we are headed… in the pre January 21 world if what happened in Forto was intimated there would have been about four versions of it… at least seven reactions to it all of them from the Resistance, one total disregard from international media  and one utter denial from the government!

But this is the post Forto era and there is one reaction of hopeful anticipation from the Resistance (after few people got over the fact that it did happen and no we are not making it up… sad to note that for some it took pfdj’s admittance for some to trust that the EDF is capable of such feat!), one reaction of pleasant surprise from the international media and several reactions of ‘let’s sink this fish by any means!’ from pfdj.

Once the various ambassadors tried to play the whole thing down and seeing that this didn’t do the usual trick of dividing the Resistance into ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’, it was down to the more sophisticated Monkey to try a hand at ‘divide and rule’ ala Emperor Haile Selassie, which only fuelled the support for Forto2013 from the Resistance that was yet again expected to divide into ‘Believers’ (this time in the religious sense of the word) and ‘Unbelievers’… When this failed the baton was handed to the experts in the game of dividing the Resistance their choice weapon was bullying as usual; intimidation, name-calling and unadulterated thugery… but this being the new era of activism in Eritrosphere the tables are kind of wobbly as they threaten to turn… gone are the years when pfdj used to aggressively use technology to scare protestors gathered outside the embassy nowadays we film ourselves, both from inside and outside their fortresses and beam it right to their headquarters and show them what is coming!

Desperately trying to sink the fish that escaped their clutch pfdj then comically turned to ‘the law’ for their protection… I can’t help smiling at their attempt to use ‘the law’ as a sword forgetting that it is also a shield… when the Eritrean Embassy was briefly and peacefully occupied in London the pfdj ‘brains’ from the top floors of the embassy thought locking the doors on the protestors and calling the police would do their trick of scaring us… when in fact all the law enforcing officers did do, in the event, was peacefully let us out and we were able to conclude our peaceful protest right outside the embassy door and off we went… (I really felt for the embassy staff downstairs who unlike their masters upstairs didn’t have the luxury of escaping into their locked offices upstairs…)

The picture was the same right across the world so much so that pfdj are on take-four of their attempt to sink the fish and this time they are promoting vigilantism… but the thing is no one wants to do their bidding any longer and here too the wobbly table threatens to turn any minute… on Friday (a week after the Embassy raid) there was a huge demonstration outside the embassy in London a head turner that made it to the traffic news of the Friday rush hours… a poor sod (God knows what possessed him) agreed to gesture pfdj’s middle finger and got what was coming to him… and the rest of the middle finger antics, that afternoon, were carried out by suited ‘diplomats ‘ from the top floor window where in the years gone by menacing cameras used to protrude and the accompanying gesture was enough to turn many protestors ashy… how times have changed!

Where ambassadors and political advisors failed small time errand boys and girls are now desperately looking to their ‘leaders’ to do something to someone, to confirm the might of the ‘old pfdj’, and ensure that this sort of thing is stopped… and so someone stopped Aljezeera from broadcasting in a bid to stop them from beaming worldwide discontent against pfdj into Eritrea… another attempt at sinking the fish that continues to swim upstream!

…too late! Forto 2013 did happen; our people did catch the wind of change and thousands of people in the diaspora have finally burnt their bridges to pfdj and have freed themselves… and NO Ethiopia didn’t do this for us, Forto did it! so that old ‘weyanie’ battle cry is outdated too! Poor goons are having to mint so many new terms and concepts! Apparently me and my colleagues are thugs and hooligans and my response is where is my ASBO then?

The EDF will be back! You can’t reverse the wind of change… just like you can’t sink a fish!