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Refugee radio voices for a new Eritrea

Osman, Ahmed and Berhan, all refugees from war-torn Eritrea, are producers of Eritrean Voices, and every Monday night they make radio. Their program is one of many around the globe being produced by Eritreans in the diaspora who are using their microphones and voices to agitate for change in a country that has been labelled the ''world's largest political prison''.

The show begins every week with a news report. And as soon as he gets the thumbs up from Osman, Ahmed sets off like a sprinter, delivering a steady flow of headlines into the microphone.



The Unnoticed Unique Eritrean-Canadian Photojournalist

At a time we Eritreans are going through difficult times and sad news is by no means scarce, it is necessary and national obligation to appreciate and highlight any good news and achievements, instead of turning a blind eye to national assets and their extraordinary performance. In November 2013 an aspiring, bright, energetic and very positive Eritrean artist got recognized and received an award of appreciation here in Toronto, Canada. Furthermore, in 2011 his photography was selected by City Guide Toronto and by Skill for Change Toronto, whereas in 2012 by International Toronto Jazz Festival for Exhibition.




Many artists of the twentieth century were experimenting with ways to convey their feelings through art. Michael aims to reflect the African culture with a different view on the traditional way of looking at the world: through the soul of his people. He calls himself ‘obsessive admirer’ of the harmony of the Eritrean people also during difficult times. “In Asmara, we have 11 months with sunshine. Can you guess how gorgeous our environment is? Plenty of bright, colorful, warm and joyful!. We´ve got 9 ethnic groups living together. No religious problems in centuries even though there are Christians and Muslims. God gave a gift to this people: the unity.”



Fleeing Eritrea's bombs to fight racism in Australia

About 2,000 Eritreans live in Australia, many of them granted asylum after being tortured by President Isaias Afewerki's regime. Despite the emotional and sometimes physical scars they bear, some have become prominent figures in Australian society. Berhan Ahmed is one of them. He is the first person of African descent to run for a seat in parliament.

The relaxed scene in the back garden of Ahmed's family home in a quiet suburb of Melbourne, couldn't be further from the conflict he fled to come to Australia.



Extraordinary Eritreans: Eritrean journalist relaunches paper in Canada

People flee Eritrea for many reasons - personal, economic or political

. Aaron Berhane did everything he could not to leave. But a clampdown on the media forced him to flee to Canada. It would take eight years but he was finally reunited with his family in 2010.

In a bustling coffee shop in Toronto, there's a whole section for beans from Africa: Ethiopia and Kenya - but no Eritrea. Dissident newspaper editor Aaron Berhane, he shrugs off the snub and orders water.


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Asmarino Fundraising! Simply because there is so much more to be done!

Asmarino is one of the earliest and pioneering websites that has been providing media service to Eritreans at home and in Diaspora for the last 15 years.


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