at that moment of silence … I drift !

images last forever, with deep scarred memories
i shout, i scream, yearn for soundless changes
all remains the same, blurry & clouded illusions...
moments imprinted for life, as a genetic curse

at that moment of silence … I drift !

briefly visit thousands, in hundred jails
dignity stripped in the dungeons
years passed, hopeless and helpless
cowardice crowned, when courage suffers

at that moment of silence … I drift !

found myself floating among sharks
their sad eyes, tell countless stories
instilled fear to their poor souls
drowned babies, hang on to their mothers

at that moment of silence … I drift !

to the overcrowded refugee camps
unsuitable for human conditions
risk, worth taking, considering the options
and determined to reach, the “un-promised lands”

at that moment of silence … I drift !

desperate attempts, at the mercy of cruel smugglers
used and abused, and sold to harvesters
desert, buried you alive, while vultures take their shares
when hunger takes its course, at that moment of silence !!!


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