kept your promise for thirty years

from the very few to hundred thousands

from inception to sophistication

freed the people and the nation


as an insider, raised a timely concern

Open letter was your ammunition

awareness to the coming generation

to save the people and the nation


wisdom and vision of the future

admirable courage to share

bold initiative to avoid  disaster

selfless move to keep the nation together


incarceration became an inspiration

paved the way for the second revolution

those who escaped, kept the legacy

determined to regain, lost honor and dignity


surrounded by self serving traitors

under false and accusatory claims

cunning charisma with killer hearts

no guilt, in committing atrocious acts


thirty years in struggle, fourteen years in captivity

you may not lived the deserving glory

but history is on your side, and we can say it loudly

your conscience is free with solid integrity !


Free The Prisoners !

Petros Haile