"The Resistance was not meant to be ... "
It must have been thoughts from the day
intrusively appear to re-visit 
In my subconscious mind  
While contemplating the meaning 
a sudden surge of awakening     
A crime has a strange connection
To the conscious of the innocent
 guilty, for the sin of others

Many fought & died for the cause
And you, yes you were in the middle of it
Led the masses to rebel & eventually to fight
For a cause you "sincerely" believed was right
Violated the principles you held high
To the people you were willing to die
Indulged in deleting the vision,  
and the passion for noble causes  

        The Resistance was not meant to be
To choose our master from our oppressors
 declare war on progress and destiny
 produce more refugees, and community in disarray 
 engage on mutual hate and mistrust
 develop a detached diaspora with evil spirit
 denounce collective identity, and borrow alien concept.  .
Condemned for Generations
 the results of subjugation
You have seen it all
Chained, gagged and deprived 
All take turns to see you suffer
 Berlin mandate of partition
Monarch reclaim of the union
DERG reinforce the claim
HIGDEF continue the legacy of all 
 holding the sword of the enemy
 The only lesson learned from history !