Tell the still evening

To borrow some sound

Crickets …and …frogs

Chorusing loud in harmony

Tell the clouds to give way

To the vast sky’s velvet glory

Tell the stars to shine brighter

                                                                            Tell the candles to burn longer       

For I am coming home tonight

Expecting a stranded visitor

                                                                                  Tell my friends to wait

On street corners till dark

Tell the moon to be full tonight

Tell the trees to stretch their shadows

Tell the owls to keep their nightly watch

Tell the watchmen to light some roaring fire

Tell my grandmother to say an extra prayer

Tell my mother to delay the evening coffee

Tell my sisters to save me some dinner…

Tell my brothers to not lock the outer gates

Tell the logs to keep burning a bit longer

I am coming home tonight…

Just like last night

And the night before

I am coming home tonight

Just as I will tomorrow night

I am coming home again