If The country Eritrea could speak

what would it say to the masses?

Drowning her sorrows in the Red Sea

for her children's losses

Remembering the one's she lost before

such mighty forces

Gave their lives for freedom and unity

but there's been a derail in courses

How many more will parish

to such foolish nonsense?

Full circle once again

it's a depletion of life sources

Dead wrapped in seaweed

instead of a casket with roses

Abandoned in the desert sand

ripped of dignity and organs

Do you hear the cries

of the motherless children?

A destitute prison

is their reality living

While your proving "your points" on FB

their soul's are suffering

Thank God change is inevitable

time will bring it, for YOU I'm not waiting

I was hopeful of YOU once

It's been 20+ years in the coming

Just know I, Eritrea shall rise

and turn enemy into brethern


is our awakening of wisdom

Hade libi Hade Adi

not trumped up treason

Scream for change and democracy

but don't forget our oneness vision

We can't move forward

with this TAUGHT division

Final steps to completing

our Martyr's mission

We can't be stagnant

in a state of wishin