How long can this pain go on?

Uncle first and now dad’s gone

How much could you really take

Please don’t cry for father’s sake

You know he had no other choice

He always wanted to have a voice

His body, they say, was recovered from sea

Their boat caught fire and he tried to flee

But silent as he may now be

At least you know he’s finally free

Mother dear, shed your tears no more

You’re the one we should cry out for

Your tired eyes filled with despair

Your heart torn apart, I’m so sorry my dear

But mother my love, I’m still right here

I have no plans, not for another year

For soon I, too, will have to go

To search for life out there, you know

I cannot stay and be tortured, not I

Even until death, I would rather try

Far worse would be to remain here

A life in bondage, decay and fear

Better days ahead, Mother, cry no more

For this is a trip one cannot ignore

It’s “see you later”, never a goodbye

We’ll meet in heaven even if I die

Mike AG

October 10, 2013


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