They Shine, On each day !

The uniqueness of their heart
beyond average mind to understand

the story has to be told
preaching peace in one hand
exposing the tyrant on the other
found our heroes at the center

Mothers, Sisters, and Wives
blessed with the purest of souls

raising hope to the hopeless
lending voice to the voiceless
source of courage to the victims
refuse to rest til that day comes

driven by compassion & wise decision
simply focused on their mission
determined to find a solution
our heroes don't duel on division

when declared war & hostility  sub-merges
trapped in the mind set of vengeance
compassion & care, things of the past
live for the moment, with the legacy of hate

when the world seems to give up on us
nothing is more comforting to witness
caring voices, knocking on every doors
the Elsas, The Selams & the Merons

the virtues of common good
carved on a stone & written in blood
their commitment on every occasion
unflinching support to the nation

as collective honor dictates, respect & dignity
to bring justice to all, even peace to the enemy
hoping somebody will listen to their plea
respond to the urgency,  a conscious call for humanity

tortured victims in Sinai, 
stranded & displaced in North Africa
homeless & detained in Tel-Aviv
refugees in Shemelba

They Shine, On each day !
Happy Mother's Day

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