Real for Real

The chains that cut into my oozing wounds were real
As real as the scars crisscrossing my back
And these tears I shed
Supposedly so is life
As was love once
I was real then
For real
Animals laugh when they see others suffer… Yes monsters are real
The beautiful girl in the picture I carry on me had a smile so real
The parents that wait to hear her escape have hope so unreal
She never cried even as they brutally raped her over and over
The oath she made me take to never ever tell
Was ever so real
To me
This official letter with words that tell me I am not a real refugee are real
As if the underground cell I fled as they shot from behind wasn’t real
And the menacing threats to skin me alive
That played in my head
In my solitary cell
Were also unreal
My mother’s prayers to the saints are always real
They won’t save me but may wipe her tears
This noose around my neck is real
You…who sit watching
Are you for real?
This last breath was also real
In Out…in out

Dec 2012

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