My vote

Blessed I go
to sign a golden record
of a vote that carries a note.
Incredibly the first to me
to the most it may not be.
My vote that has a note came from remote
crossing through deserts and seas
where ideas flow and winds blow
with no compass nor a boat
leaving a trail of wishes and ashes
of the original source and direction.
Searching though
around the globe with a probe
for ensconces of change and hope
and a better scope.
They flow
cheering a ride of  future’s horse.
At that time of my age
witnessing life and what it endow
the mood was just fine.
Encircled by fear and despair
I were not aware of humanity’s fun and fare.
But sometimes
prompted by faith needed confession
for the ponder I had about life and being
that occasionally I used to question,
because it was said to be a sin.
Regardless of the situation I had queries like,
why embrace such a lifestyle,
worth no more than book value
to reign in my heart as a true value.
Perhaps lacking a clue
or ignorance being the glue,
that was all
my surmise about God and his role.
The mighty Creator
of the poles and equator.
The super generator of powers
even the ones that move and remove
floods and tides of water
more than rivers do.
Guides them hike over rocks and ice
which are always shiny and nice.
What a majestic!
But me under that condition
which even seems superstition,
have I dreamt to capture
with no hesitation or scare
about my Vote  that has note?
Not really.
Because my vote is not a pass or flop.
It is a process that attempts to bake and cake
the best of the past
the first of the present
in order to create future’s nest.
I remember in the long journey
when the sun sets to glare
me standing to stare
at nature’s clock
even when and where no air was fair.
however gloominess  in possession
of atmospheric compression
Continued my respiration
to reach this voting station.
What a miraculous position!
Right there oh my God
I can see where you live.
Amazingly I cannot perceive
how you run to accomplish
such a huge difference
on the same tiny earth.
Lord Almighty
do me a favor, if you give me your pardon
I dare to claim that
there is no heaven if this is not.
Simply if the reality of seeing is to be exploited
as a proof of the creed.
O Lord I hear from the air
you have another heaven.
Don’t you?
I bet you, if you have one more
I will appreciate you showing me that one also.
So that my vote will add a new note
to inform your makes
who are craving
for a mere right of life around the globe.
But now I need your light.
Because I am getting bewildered by the fight
that keeps me up in the night.
For that reason my first vote is facing an enigma
Wallowing between charismas
of Romney and Obama.
As you own insight to hearts and minds
You know,
I love democracy without dilemma
I get bored by political drama.
That’s why
you see me on my knees in front of your mama
to save my vote from melting in magma.
I am rushing to cast it for Obama.
Because I saw him a while ago,
Pouring  tears by the bedside of his grandma
entering her life’s  end stage or comma.
This is
a type of care that fits my desire and makes me happier
throughout my life and carrier.
Daniel Teclegiorgis  (10/08/2012)
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