People of Eritrea, Youth of Eritrea!

It is a well-known fact that the dictator regime of Isaias is responsible for several human right violations. The crimes it has committed in the last 20 years, the lives it has taken, the public resource and wealth it has squandered is beyond measure. These things are still continuing and only getting worse. Tens of thousands of Eritrean citizens are being forced to exile and exposed to extreme hardships. Tens of thousands of people, including politicians, religious leaders, journalists and ordinary citizens, are confined in prisons without fair trial facing harsh treatment and execution.
In Mayhabar, disabled veterans who protested against the regime were killed. High ranking Ministers and military officials who demanded changes in the government were imprisoned, exposed to inhumane and atrocious conditions, and many are either dead or extremely ill. University students who asked for basic rights were locked up in extremely hot dessert prison, and a couple of lives were claimed. Journalists who expressed their opinion were incarcerated and their whereabouts are unknown. Young people are conscripted for endless military service and unpaid forced labor.
Youth of Eritrea, it is appropriate to ask the question “What can put an end to all the abuse, persecution, death and exile”. To find an answer to this question, a group of youth who have been fighting underground for their people's right inside Eritrea and those who are openly working in the diasporas have organized themselves by forming a public movement under the name of “Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change”.
The mission of this group is to call for:

    * Isaias Afeworki to immediately step down
    * Unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience
    * The end of the 'Warsay-Yikaalo' campaign- campaign of slavery, disguised as national service

At this time, to end the atrocious persecution, death, exile and misery that our people are enduring, and to make the possibility of peace and prosperity for our people a reality, we call on all Eritrean youth to rise up together. We call on all members of the armed forces inside Eritrea to stand with the oppressed people and play a decisive role in this movement. We find ourselves at critical cross-roads right now. The time has come for us to take the stage with the above mentioned demands, to come together and say “Enough to the 20 years of brutal rule”, to take the fate of our country into our own hands and carry on a very important fight against the dictatorship. Our struggle will continue until the current regime hands over power to the people and a constitutional government is in place.
Rage of the people cannot be stopped!

We honor our martyrs through our unified struggle.
Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change

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