A Huge Rally Held in Stockholm 

Stockholm, Sweden: Saturday 26th February, 2011

A huge rally where about more 300 Eritreans and other democracy activists had participated was conducted at the Sergel Square in the heart of the City of Stockholm. The gathering of the demonstrators began at half past four in the evening and lasted for three hours. It was unique gathering from all kinds of people, men, women young and the elders, in general and youth have participated in particular by delivering speeches and poems calling the youth to lead the popular uprising against the dictatorship in Eritrea.

The gathering place was well decorated by placards and flags of Eritrea and Sweden. When all was ready, the organizers and program leader opened the demonstration by welcome addressing and the presented the program. The first speakers were the leaders of the Eritrean-Swedish partnership for democracy that included political and civic society organizations and other democracy activists.

Speeches were delivered in three languages, Swedsih, Tigrinya and Arabic. Slogans were chanted at intervals. Chanting of slogans attracted the attention of the passerby and many joined the rally against the dictatorship. All the speeches demanded that it is now enough to be silent and we must dare go out and say no to dictatorship in Eritrea. They urged the Swedish parliament, government and political parties to increase their pressure on the regime in Eritrea to respect the rights of citizens and stop all violence  against its people.

The first guest speaker was Fredrik Malm parliamentarian from liberal party / Folk partiet. In his speech Mr. Malm has stressed the unbearable situation in Eritrea and in relation with the popular uprising in the northern African countries and Middle East, the Eritrean in diaspora must rise up and stop supporting the dictatorship and work for democracy and human rights in Eritrea. The second guest speaker was from SSU/ Social democratic youth association. She also called the youth in Sweden to rise up and work for democratisation in the whole world.

Speeches were delivered by many Eritrean nationals specially the youth calling for the young for uprising to bring changes in Eritrea.  Many nationals from different political organizations and independent democracy activists delivered speeches calling for unity and and harmony to win the dictatorship in Eritrea.

The rally has also remembered and distributed the appeal of the refugees in Libya and how to support them to evacuate from the turmoil going in the cities of Libya.

All the speeches and slogans congratulated the Tunisian and Egyptian people in their victory against the dictators and wished success to the popular uprising going in Libya to overcome the dictator.

Finally, the rally concluded by remembering the martyrs by keeping silent for five minutes.   

The organizers thanked all the participants and promised that such rallies will be organized in the future in front of the Eritrean Embassy and the parliament by standing marching and will never cease unless our people are liberated from tyranny.