On February 19, 2011 the Board Members of EGS conductive an extensive teleconference and endorsed the proposal made by the Executive Committee to call for a massive protest demonstration against the 20 years tyrannical rule of the PFDJ regime in the coming three months.

In the Spirit of the Enough is Enough protest that was conducted in Washington DC in June 2009, EGS once again calls for a broadly based all- inclusive protest to be undertaken around the time of the 20th anniversary of the Eritrean Independence Day in Washington DC.

EGS hopes that this call for protest will be welcomed and supported by all Eritrean civic and political activists around the world. We hope this protest will be a global undertaking.

EGS will issue further statements on the detail process of how this protest will be organized. We encourage all Eritreans and Eritrean Americans/Canadians to start sharing  the information about the call for the massive march within their community.

EGS feels the time has come for a proactive and decisive show of solidarity with the struggle of people of Eritrea for Justice, Human Rights and Democracy by Diaspora Eritrean community.

The wind of change favors our people’s demand for freedom. We must support their just demand and take a strong decisive stand against the brutal regime. 20 Years is enough!

Office of the Executive

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