Atlanta, United States, December 11, 2010: Sixty people representing communities from across the horn of Africa met for three days of talks to launch a movement to end the endemic conflicts that have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands in the region. 

The group of academics, community leaders and peace activists from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan agreed to set up the Horn of Africa Peace Engagement  (HOPE) which will campaign under the theme of ‘make peace possible’.

The gathering that was hosted by Eritrean citizens for peace (ECfP) marks the first grass roots meeting of its kind, representing players from all five countries in the region. There was rare consensus on the need to halt the destructive use of proxy forces currently exacerbating border conflicts.



Over the next year HOPE will undertake a range of activities, both within the region and amongst the various five diaspora communities to address that horn’s long running turmoil.   

HOPE called for a peaceful referendum on the future of Southern Sudan, scheduled for January 2011.

HOPE agreed to meet in a year’s time in the region, to examine progress.

In recognition of the ground breaking nature of the event, the city of Atlanta made a proclamation in honour of the conference. 

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