To: Tewelde Ghebresselase,

Chairman, Eritrean Democratic Alliance

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

Dear Mr. Chairman,

We express our appreciation and support for the continuing effort being made by EDA and all other political organizations in the gallant effort of trying to find a lasting solution to the ever-expanding Eritrean national crisis.

We forward this urgent letter to your office per the recommendation of the Eritrean Global Solidarity’s Board Members pursuant to EGS’s decision to be part of the Organizing Committee of the National Conference for Democratic Change (NCDC).

We feel EGS has the duty to share its deeply felt concerns to the leadership of EDA and all member and non-EDA member political organizations as well as all Eritrean Civil societies worldwide with the hope of bringing a serious attention to a glaring deficiency in the effort to effectuate the gathering of the NCDC.

It is our hope the letter will be welcomed in the positive spirit it was written and be widely shared with the organizations constituted under the EDA umbrella.

We have affirmed our full support for the very idea of a NCDC by joining the Organizing Committee and we hope to do everything possible for the conference to live up to the expectation of the people of Eritrea. We firmly believe everyone must go an extra miles to make the conference a resounding success. But we also understand we have the duty to point out what we feel is a genuine short coming in the process that is unfolding.

Our primary concern is, given the ongoing differences within EDA, the nagging question whether this conference could really live up to its full potential and craft a vision that will be able to unify the people and marshal the full strength of the political opposition and civic society.

This question is fundamental, genuine and real, we hope it was not so. We cannot gloss over a question of this magnitude and importance without bringing it to your attention. The spirit of the conference is anchored in the desire to bring together the broadest possible Eritrean participation under one Hall to deliberate the challenges faced by our people and outline a possible path to resolving our national crisis in a unified way. No effort must be spared to make this happen.

It begs the question then: how sure are we that the conference will craft a national vision when EDA itself is not unified? How national can the conference be if all member organizations and others who should be integral part of the process are not included?

It will be very difficult to perceive the likelihood of a stellar achievement at the conference with this kind of dark cloud hovering over the process. It is time to evaluate the process and make the necessary adjustment for the sake of the people of Eritrea.

Consolidating ones perspective and hardening of positions will only add to the expansion of the gulf within EDA and in the long run hurt the struggle for justice democracy and human right.

Introspection and flexibility is badly needed. Goodwill and a genuine attempt to see the “other’s” perspective should be in plenty of supply. EDA must go the extra miles to work out its differences. To do this nothing should be considered immutable or non-negotiable. A deadline on a calendar cannot take precedence over the basic unity needed to make the conference a collective national success. Whatever it takes the difference will have to be resolved.

With this in mind we feel that an all-out effort must be made to temporarily slow down the process and create a better environment to sort out EDA’s internal differences before proceeding to the National Conference. The unity of EDA on the process and agenda of NCDC must precede the intended august gathering. A house divided cannot build a democratic home.

EGS is willing and ready to do its share to help resolve this challenge. We encourage all Eritreans to refrain from taking sides and find ways to push all sides to resolve the division within EDA concerning the NCDC. We call for moratorium: all “sides” must refrain from making any statement that will exasperate the differences and make it difficult for reason and unity of purpose to prevail.

It is primarily the duty of all Eritreans to find constructive ways to resolve their own internal differences be it EDA or the people of Eritrea. We cannot wait for others to resolve this problem for us. We have to shoulder this responsibility and exhibit the sense of statesmanship commiserate with the challenge.

We hope our suggestion will be given due consideration.

Hoping to hear a positive response from your side,

With the utmost respect,

Seyoum Tesafye Chairman,

Eritrean Global Solidarity

For Justice, Human Rights and Democracy{jcomments off}