June 12, 2009

Open Invitation:

The Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) an 11 human right and two independent Media  umbrella organization organized two years ago to bring a badly needed exposure to the expanding Human Right crisis in Eritrea will be holding its first Symposium on June 20,2009 in metro Washington DC.

The Focus of the symposium will be the Deteriorating Human, Civil, Religious and Political rights in Eritrea. Eritrean and non –Eritrean scholars and human right activists will present various papers and participate in a discussion Forum followed by a Q/A session.

We are extending an open invitation to all  US congressional representatives,  all diplomatic representatives, Journalists, Human and Civil Right activists, experts and specialists on Horn of Africa, Refugee resettlement organizations, immigration lawyers , religious right advocates etc Please attend this one- of- a- kind symposium!
The Honorary Chairperson of this historic symposium will be Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie –the former Chairman of the Eritrean Constitution Drafting Commission.

The symposium will be honored with the participation of ten speakers with a wide range of experience and expertise on the different facets of the expanding human right crisis in Eritrea (name and topic to follow).

Date June 20, 2009
Time:  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (sessions will be in English and Tigrigna).
The venue will be at:
The Carlton – 
4600 Four Miles Run drive-
Arlington, Virginia 22204

For more information please call:

Petros Haile:  (612)-722-0427 or  Teklai Abraha: (646) 808- 6660  Dr Yonas Mehari (202)-2465400

Eritrean Global Solidarity
1st EGS Human Right Symposium Committee

Help Andom, an Eritrean-American, get elected to Congress by donating at 


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