Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The African Union General Assembly, being held in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa on Monday called the recently imposed sanctions against Eritrea by the UN Security Council to be effective without delay.

A draft declaration by the assembly obtained by APA wellcomed the adoption, by the UN Security Council on 23 December 2009,of resolution,1907-2009,which imposes sanctions on Eritrea, namely an arms embargo, travel sanctions, a freeze on the assets of political and military leaders for among others for its interference on Somalia affairs.

Eritrea has been accused repeatedly by the international community of arming insurgents in Somalia and supporting Al Shabab.

“The assembly calls up on the UN Security Council sanctions committee to urgently designate the relevant Eritrea military and political leaders and other persons and entities as required, to allow for an effective sanctions regime to be implemented,” said the declaration by the heads of states.

The assembly also urged the Security Council to speedily act on its earlier request for the impositions of a no-fly zone and the blockage of sea ports to prevent the entry into Somalia of foreign elements and the supply of logistical and other supports to the insurgents.