31st January 2010
Libya: Eritrean Detainees express their appreciation and thank all Eritrean civic originations, all Media outlets, all political parties, Eritrean individuals , international NGO’s, Governments and friends of Eritrea for working tirelessly to halt the planned Eritrean immigrant deportation from Libya.
Libya has finally permitted UNHCR officials to visit all the detention centers in Libya where hundreds of Eritreans are held. Reports coming from reliable sources indicated the NGO official were given only to see these Eritreans are not deported. The last permitted detention centre was Zawya where many Eritrean detainees were violently beaten after the detainee’s confrontation with the Eritrean Embassy official upon his visit to detention centre. The delayed permit for the NGO visit to Zawya was to heal the caused bruise to Eritrean detainees.
Reports also indicate that the Eritrean Embassy in Libya is behind any other opportunity to unlawful activities. The ambassador has collected the detainees’ details and has prepared the paper work for their deportations.
Detainees are pledging all to appeal for their release.
London, UK. On 27th January 2010 an Eritrea immigrant was handcuffed and deported to Milan from Heathrow detention centre accompanied by two Home office security guards. On his arrival to Milan the British security officials were ordered by British home office to return him back to London and on the same Flight he returned to London.
The Eritrean immigrant is distressing from bruises of the fierce deportation process and requested to see a doctor. The detention officials have not allowed him to see a doctor until Sunday 31st January 2010 for apparent reasons.