June 12, 2009 — Any observer to the Eritrea’s tyrant activities, his bizarre behavior, the belligerent and consistent assault and insults on the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement ( SPLM) and the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), must undoubtedly – and rightfully so – assumes that: President Isaias Afworki - in actual fact - is campaigning for the Sudan’s upcoming general elections to replace H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, as Sudan’s first Vice President and President of the Government of South Sudan!

Out of a blue, the Eritrea’s dictator has now become the sweet- heart darling of the Khartoum’s extremist Islamic media, the likes of ( al- Intibaha, al-Rayaam, al - Ahdath and Sudan Safari) to name a few. His press coverage is only second to his mentor, the other tyrant fugitive, Omer al – Basher.

And if you happened to miss him on the pages of the newspapers – mentioned above - please don’t worry! Chances are, you will most certainly see him on the pro government television channels, disparaging – as usual, all kinds of insults and allegations on South Sudan, in a way that suggests that: when he wakes up in the morning, his first order of business is not how he can lift up the Eritrean people from disparity, but to wage an unprecedented assault on another nation – South Sudan.

But, the big question obviously is: why is he doing this? And what will the Eritrean people benefit from it after all? According to an article published by Sudan Tribune, on June, 5, 2009, “ nearly 10.000 Eritreans sought asylum in Sudan, since January of this year, alone.” A few weeks ago also, the United Nations called Eritrea as “ huge prison state” and has reached the top index of the world most human right violations. On top of all these, his country lands fifth on the UN list of the most corrupt countries in the world, and only behind the regime of fugitive Omar al – Basher.

And so while there no denying of corruption in South Sudan, ( which is only a ripple in a sea of corrupt regimes in Africa, and indeed around the globe), but, we don’t believe that the Eritrea’s dictator has the right to be accusing South Sudan or any other countries of corruption- a trade mark of his regime, which tells us why his fellow countrymen are fleeing the country, for a better life somewhere else in the globe, including South Sudan.

Consequently, who really wants to have a relationship with a terrorist state and a communist one, and worse, with a madman at the helm named Isaias Afwoerki?

In addition, in the past couple of weeks, I authored an article, in which I wrote that: Iasias Afowerki’s loyalty to Africa, is all but history. His new love is now the Arab world, where the mighty dollar is coming from. In return, his loyalty will be rewarded by Eritrea’s admission to the so –called Arabs’ League, which is well underway, with the help of the likes of fugitive Omar al – Basher.

In conclusion, South Sudan must try to establish bilateral relations with other peace-loving nations all around the world. After all, under this tyrant, Eritrea’s relations with other countries- including Sudan, have been going on and off – mostly off – for years. So it shouldn’t take anyone by surprise if he wakes up tomorrow, and turn his back on Omar al – Basher.

While we can’t tell our Eritreans brother and sisters what they need or don’t need to do, having an evil man at helm undermines the good name reputation of the brave people of Eritrea, in the eyes and ears of the world.

The author is a former Juba Radio anchorman, and he can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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