ICER  has confirmed that 3 Eritrean farmer laborers were kidnapped from Guluj a small town near the Sudanese-Eritrean boarder by Rashaida human trafficker and shipped to Sinai where they are asked to pay 30,000 for their release. In addition 12 persons fleeing Eritrea were handed over by the Sudanese border guards to Rashaida human smugglers at the border and are already in Sinai where the Bedouin hostage takers are demanding the same amount. Among the 15 Eritrean hostages in Sinai 2 are dead and one lost his mind as a result of severe torture administered by the criminals. In addition a young girl from Shire Ethiopia is kept under perpetual bondage for failing to pay the ransom money asked by her tormentors. The perception that the Bedouin release their hostages after exhausting all means to extract ransom money is completely bogus.

Last night about 4:30 pm 31 Eritreans taken from Shillal (Aswan) to Cairo. Among them are two people who are in serious danger to their lives, as they said themselves. Probably this evening they will fly to Eritrea.

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