While Eritreans were cheering in Asmara as their team, the Red Sea Camels, beat the Kenyan U23 4 to 1, the leader of the nation was desperately hoping that the outcome of the game be just the reverse. Here is why:

The Isaias government is trying desperately to show the world that it is a normal government. And what a better and safer way to show it than in sports! And since there is no other place than Africa that it wanted to prove its normality, that sport happened to be soccer. So, when the All African Game started this year, the tyrant was all for it – so far as the game remained confined to the Eritrean soil!

The immensely retarded leader of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, who couldn’t think two steps ahead, was counting on the Kenyan team to defeat the Eritrean team in Eritrean soil, thus delivering a victory for him.  On the one hand, he would be able to show the world that Eritrea is just a normal nation that enthusiastically joins all the big sports in Africa. On the other hand, he would be saved from the further embarrassment that would result if Eritrea wins. In the latter event, he would have no choice but to bar the Eritrean team from traveling to Kenya! And that is exactly what he did!

After beating the Kenyan team 4 to 1 in the first round in Asmara, the Red Sea Camels are now prohibited from traveling to Kenya to play against the Kenyan U23 team. As a result, the Kenyan team is automatically advanced to the next round without having to play against a team that defeated it resoundingly.

The reason for the Grand Fool of Asmara’s decision is obvious: in 2009, the entire national soccer team defected in Nairobi, and he is now afraid that the same thing will happen. Given that, one wonders, why even participate in the first place? Well, the Grand Fool of Asmara was hoping that the Kenyan team wouldn’t fail him. As in all kinds of gambles he takes, he works with no backup mechanisms in place: this retarded creature could only think one step at a time.

When the Eritrean team beat Kenya in Asmara, the Dehai foot soldiers were elated. Now, it would be interesting to watch their pathetic reaction.

And what is the excuse the Eritrean government gave for withdrawing from the game:

"The association claims they were informed late about the return date even though it was well known way before that the match would be played any day beginning from Friday April 29 to April 30 in accordance with the CAF calendar for international matches.

Below is the full report from SportnewsArena.com:

Kenya’s U23 handed a lifeline as Eritrea withdraws

When Eritrea beat Kenya 4-1 in a first leg All-Africa games qualifier, the whole country was in an uproar.

The poor result cost former coach Bob Oyugi his job as Football Kenya cracked the whip.

However with two days before the return leg match, Eritrea have pulled out handing Kenya a place in the second round of the competition.

The Eritrea Football Association wrote to Football Kenya on Thursday indicating their inability to honor the return match.

The association claims they were informed late about the return date even though it was well known way before that the match would be played any day beginning from Friday April 29 to April 30 in accordance with the CAF calendar for international matches.

According to Eritrea National Federation Secretary General M Ghidey said in a letter to FKL.”We hold the view that this short notice besides contradicting rules stipulated by CAF left us with no time to organise our flight on time to Nairobi.”

The match was supposed to be played this Saturday at Nyayo National Stadium according Football Kenya who were ready  for the fixture.

The Eritrea FA official said they have forwarded their concerns to CAF with regards to the withdrawal.

He also complained that they had had problems organising the first leg match when Kenya arrived late in Eritrea and were forced to incur extra expenses.

But Football Kenya head of technical committee Hussein Swaleh denied the accusations by Eritrea claiming they were using it as an excuse not to play the return match.

“It is obvious they are afraid of us after learning that we have strengthened the team with new players. They knew all along when the match will be played and should have made arrangements to travel to Nairobi,” he said.

Swaleh said they will seek CAF’s word on the way forward over the matter. Should Kenya be awarded a walkover they will play either Uganda or Tanzania.

Gina Tivona


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