The Peaceful ending of the Eritrean Festival in EXPO was not because of the security forces but because of the "Chewa" people of Eritrea.------Haddas Eritrea

Starting from 14/8/2014 a small unit of EDF soldiers was deployed at the EXPO area for the Festival of EXPO which was to be hosted from 16 - 23 August of 2014. 

 The people had believed that they were there to provide security to the EXPO Festival but on 20/8/2014 EDF (their faces covered up) began rounding up youngsters with no passage paper in the Vicinity of the Expo. And the word spread quickly mainly among those expected  to be part of the  28th round  national service  reporting at  Sawa on the 5th of September 2014  but had  chosen not  to go to SAWA.

On 25/8/2014 papers begun to be posted  on every administrative zones of Asmara calling for mandatory meetings of the "Hezbawi Serawit" with their FULL ARMS "ምሉእ ዕጥቂ" starting from 28/8/2014 - 30/8/2014. 

After the ousting of the EDF Soldiers from Asmara, round ups were been done by the Hezbawi Serawit (Military units formed out of civilian elders).

Beginnings from 24/8/2013 majority places in Asmara were brownouted (no light) until 28/8/2014. This kind of brownouting were also seen during the Lampedusa tragedy and quickly after the release of the "Where is your brother" paper.

On 29/8/2014 Police forces filled the streets of Asmara, starting early morning, not only showing off their presence but also reminded the people about how they had filled up the streets of Asmara after the Lampedusa event as well.

The question is : are we going to see another similar incident "the Demhit serawit", which are planting Sesame seeds on the Gash Barka region?