Reliable source indicate Libya’s forced arrangements are reportedly underway to return around 105 Eritrean asylum seekers to Asmara anytime soon, These Eritreans are held in a place called Shurma prison camp, which is located 100Km away from Tripoli.
The detained Eritreans are known also to be registered with the Red-Cross. The Prison authorities have taken the detainees’ mobile phones away and denied them from contacting the outside world.
Due to the security guards violent attitude confrontation erupted on Saturday 2nd January 2010 and one Eritrean is seriously hurt and others endure minor injuries.
Today Monday 4th January 2010 reported as no one knows the detainees’ whereabouts. Families and friends of the detained Eritreans are very disturbed and calling all Eritreans and international community to support them stop this outrageous predicament.
Victims Eritrea strongly urge the Government of Libya to respect its obligations under the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (which Libya ratified in 1989) and under customary international law. As a party to the Convention, Libya has an obligation not to return any person to a place where they face torture or ill-treatment or death.
Victims Eritrea – UK Branch
MONDAY 4th January 2010.