Red Sea Railway is the first complete and authoritative history of the railways in Eritrea.  The detailed account has been a collaboration between Jennie Street, a writer long involved with Eritrea, and Amanuel Ghebreselassie, the General Manager of the Eritrean Railway.

Its account covers the line built in 1868 by the British for the Abyssinia Campaign, the line built by the Italians in their quest to conquer Africa, several Decauville lines, and the Ropeway built in the 1930s as the longest cableway in the world.

10 years in preparation, Red Sea Railway is packed with a wealth of previously unpublished material, and will delight and fascinate the reader.

With 374  pages and 385 photographs, 19 maps and 73 images, this book will have something new or different for everyone who reads it.  Many of the photographs are hitherto unpublished.

The historical scope of the book means that the earliest photos date from 1868.  Much previously undiscovered archive material has been included and there will be a few surprises and at least one myth destroyed.

The book also contains an extensive bibliography for further research.

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