It is all in the name!

...Unlike the crisis of the old days that you only hear about when one half of a party leaves the main party in eight fragments… the crisis in the youth movement evolves by the millisecond and before your very eyes!… not necessarily because there is more transparency as such… but because there are many opportunities to pick up clues (you don’t have to wait for gubaE where it all explodes after having simmered all year round!)… so if you have a well trained nose it is not that difficult to find something to sniff at. The down side is that those picking at what you are picking at are both your friends and enemies and so it is impossible to have a tiff with ‘unlike minded people’ from your own side… I guess in a way that is complete transparency… if you want to fight it out you fight it out in full public view… and we will build a picture based on how many ‘likes’ you put on what comment on FB and which nick name you are using to air what view and so on and so forth… oh and when you want our opinion you can choose between the ‘like’ button and an el-o-el… the stuff in between will be spelt out in great details with everyone liking and el-o-elling it along the way… and if you still don’t get it someone will splash a full colour poster inviting you to a voice to voice conference where all one needs to dress you up or down is a mic in full working order!… accountability bordering on bullying I call it…but it is all good training for our budding leaders… if they survive this they will survive democracy…

Boy I wish we had Paltalk and Facebook during wege hadhid!!… casualties would’ve been pen names and nicknames instead of precious young people… and I suppose NiHnan ELamanan would have been revised and re-edited and shredded to bits a countless times (regardless of how many people read it!) and never acquired the status or stature it did….

… here is what I wish the current day youth leaders would do…

wedi nigus tsemAni do alka Daniel eye kab EYSC’

Feliteka aleku… simer wedi Ere what can I do for you?’

I want a meeting…
‘NiHna Ke kinmexie do? Yoel eye kab teshamo…’
Hiray Dehan, but if you want to meet up it will have to be with EYGM included… BTW wedi atsbeha eye kab BishoftuSimer… Simer eba beluley
‘Ayfalkan teshamo dea bel wedi Abeyti…’
Hiray deHan emo Nirakeb abHadeu… gna eti Akeba nay EYSC logo kihilwo alewo… and these governing papers on our website have to be adhered to completely!’
anta dongekum do? Ahmed eye kab Arbi Harnet… as you know we only sleep on Fridays after the robo calls go in!... Awet n’ArbiHarnet!’
Simer… segud... teshamo…Hadehade (all in tandem!)
Abzia hansab do kinizareb, I am the chair of the ENCD….’ The person was cut off and everyone agreed that, that was a technical glitch…
Wedi atsbeha protests a bit… ‘Anta kabtom TeUyat eyou… eta officeu abta gorebetey eya’…. but was shouted down and meeting progresses…

The agenda was how to explain the subtle differences to our people back in Eritrea… Wedi Nugus claimed as he had 1000 people following his forum everyday he should have the final say on the matter… whilst Yoel and the folk from teshamo were quick to explain how due to the various bluders at his Simmer outfit people are put off by him and the people who are there and that many people are actually at teshamo having parked their nicknames at Simmer so they contend that they have equal steak in the final naming if not more… at which point the EYSNC folk led by Wedi Atsbeha came into the discussion going over their recent success in Bishoftu followed by Stockholm and infact the most outstanding success was the naming of an organisation and that everyone had changed their profiles yellow, eclipsing EYSC’s ‘we are all Awate’ campaign for half a day!

Clearing his voice and quoting his press and media director; Daniel comes into the discussion outlining how disingenuous that success was and how EYSC was robbed of their hard earned brand when that name was infact robbed off them at the DZ conference following the DC conference! and how EYSC are considering court action to sue EYSNC over that matter… as soon as they establish jurisdiction… meanwhile  ‘why don’t you adopt the name NC? It will be less annoying to us and less confusing for the public?’

Abzia Hansab doh kizareb, ane abo wenber nay NC eye we have no objection to you guys being called NC infact we welcome it … and that is why we all came to the Stockholm meeting in the hope that you would drop the EYS nonsense and become simply NC…’ unfortunately there was another glitch then too…

Meeting had to end… they agreed that it was a good meeting and tasked EYSC with writing a press statement and they all went back to their respective  walls on FB and each put their own version of what transpired at the meeting:

Daniel: EYSC successfully managed to maintain its sharp branding in the name of the long suffering Eritrean people! (12 likes, 14 el-o-els and four long messages in support and three longer messages risking delete)

Tesfom (wedi nigus): Simerrrrr deqi Ere… Kitetttttttt eyou Zemenuuusegudd yibehal alo (144 likes! No comments)

YoEl: tonight at 19:32 Berlin time teshamo will present the participants of the youth movement leaders impromptu conference: Issues to be discussed will be ‘why it has taken so long to depose DIA’ all invited… Discuss with civility unless you are YPFDJ or Simerr or those who are fighting over the ownership of the EYSC FB … or if you are on our side fighting those tsemamat at simerr and anyone opposed to pilot… members of these groups are allowed to vent frustration without the restrictions of civility that will strictly be imposed on everyone else! (the same 144 people who liked wedi nigus’ comments like this plus all those who liked Daniel’s and a few people who have yet to overcome their disappointment over the fact that there is no ‘don’t like button’… the comments had no relevance to the matter… they were mainly complaints from people or about people who were banned and bounced from Simerr…)

Wedi Atsbeha: this is an official statement from EYSNC we agree with everyone at simerr and would like to disagree with everyone at EYSC but the time isn’t ripe for that yet… Teshamo you have been warned! (there were no likes… but the folk from ENCDC liked it because they still think there is an outside chance that EYSNC will drop the EYS kafuffle)

Anta Hiji Ke dongye do? (that was Ahmed from ArbiHarnet)… eti nHna kiniblo ndeli hade tiray eyou… Awet NArbiHarnet! and I love you all! (the entire ArbiHarnet team liked it… everyone else was too tired to like anything by this point!)

Four days later… EYSC were still scratching their heads as to what they should write on the press release… poor Aaron… the guy who was used to churning cutting edge editorials that challenged an entire nation is reduced to stringing words to spell the alphabet soup of organisation names…


If you don’t hear from me again it is either because… my friends at EYSC have killed me b’darba emni… or bdarba documents in their case… whilst the Simerrr folk were shouting Segud! in the background and the whole thing was broadcasting live at Teshamo!