Yosief Ghebrehiwet has been writing on Eritrean issues in asmarino.com since 2001. He has also given presentations on various themes in Eritrean Paltalks, most frequently in Smerrr. The legacy of ghedli, the Eritrean identity, the nature of the Isaias regime – among others – have been the themes that he often discussed. He has BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Long Beach State University.

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000 and in his new website Eritrea Digest (eritreadigest.com) SAAY calls himself a protest writer forced to write about and analyze Eritrean politics. An educator by profession, he has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.