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Background & Profile (source : http://www.scu.edu/ethics/about/people/directors/globalleadership/)

Almaz spearheads the Center's work on the ethics of immigration and migration. Formerly, she was director of the Center's program in Global Leadership and Ethics. 

Negash is a founder of the SCU Global Women's Leadership Center, sponsored by the Leavey School of Business, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the School of Engineering, and faculty of the Women Leaders for the World Program. In addition, she chairs the theme on economic empowerment of women for the first Women Leaders Intercultural Forum, a five-year effort of the Ethical Globalization Institute to bridge global divides and to make strides on issues that affect women worldwide. She also serves on the board of the Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to joining the Ethics Center, Negash was the director of the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development and the California Mexico Trade Assistance Center Program. In addition, she worked as a research assistant for a senior fellow at the Hewlett Foundation who was working on a book about Corporate Social Responsibility.

Negash serves on many committees including Women Leaders Intercultural Forum, Catholic Relief Services, and Santa Clara University Partnership Committee, Advisory Board of the Institute for Redress and Recovery, Santa Clara University Law School. She holds an MBA from Golden Gate University and a B.A. in international business from University of San Francisco. 

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