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Asmara Residents Post Calls for Street Protests in the Capital

Asmara Residents Post Calls for Street Protests in the Capital

(Asmara 06-02-2013) Members of the Freedom Friday Movement (ArbiHarnet/ JumAt AlTaHrir) in Eritrea have successfully posted flyers and posters with the call for street protests against the regime and in support of the demands of the Forto 2013 movement of Eritrean solders. The posters which were strategically placed around Liberation Avenue and the surrounding areas, had the time and designated streets for the proposed protests.

On Monday 21st of January a group of protesting soldiers raided the Ministry of Information in Asmara (an area known as Forto) and disrupted Television broadcasts to make the following demands: a constitutional government, release of prisoners of conscience and peaceful transfer of power to the people. This action was quickly supported by Eritrean youth in the diaspora, who responded with their own raids of embassy buildings and street protests in their adopted places of residence.

Members of Team in Asmara report that, whilst all-out protests may not be there yet; the Forto 2013 actions, the persistent phone calls from diaspora based youth and now these flyers are indeed talk of town on the streets of Asmara.

Last Friday the Movement made 10,000 calls asking for people to begin street protest in support of the Forto calls, and the plan is to continue these calls until the said protests begin or the demands are responded to by the regime in Asmara. ArbiHarnet has made 25,000 calls since January 21, following the Forto 2013 Action of that day

Here is a list of places in the city centre where the flyers and posters were put up last night:   outside Bar Royal, Bar Commercio, Markato, across the road from the city hall (municipality), outside Bar Sofia  and Bar Trestele.


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