The Colombo based magazine Lankadweep said in recent reports that Sri Lankan army found 12 fighter planes belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ezham at the airport located in Eritrea.

With crucial information blurted out by the LTTE leader Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP, Sri Lanka has managed to find the fight planes landed in Eritrea airport with the help of the government. The legitimate body of Eritrea continued their patronage to the Liberation Tigers since many years and assisted them in maintaining the air and sea based attack vehicles.

The government invited Prabhakaran to vamoose from the war zone and seek safety in Eritrea, reported the magazine. Sri Lanka is on the verge to hold a peace talk with the country and confiscate the planes which pose a possible threat of air raids over their nation. Moreover, they are planning to retrieve the ships and submarines that are said to be in Eritrea to be utilized by the LTTEs for future assault.