Hundreds of Eritreans and Concerned Americans March for Freedom in Eritrea

The America Team for Displaced Eritreans

May 24, 2013  Today hundreds marched in Washington, DC to decry the acute mistreatment of Eritrean people and the country itself by the self-serving and self-perpetuating government.  At the Eritrea embassy, the group found a counter-demonstration set up by supposed regime supporters, which had arranged things ahead of time, forcing the local police to set up a caged “neutral area” between the groups. The freedom-loving opposition side outnumbered the regime supporters by at least half again.  The vehemence of the oppositionists surpassed the other group, whose voice was primarily loud music, and which did not have its usual covey of children along.  Ironically, the regime supporters who were demonstrating against the oppositionists, were using the freedom of expression available here but not to any oppositionists back home.

The main group then proceeded on to the White House, and then to the U.S. State Department on Constitution Avenue.  A film crew, producing a documentary on Eritrea, recorded much of the march and conducted a number of interviews.

The group will continue its informational and planning meetings tomorrow at the home base hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.


















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