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Eritrea Defense Sebhat Efrem is in Sweden. On Sunday, he had a meeting in Högdalen, Stockholm, combined with regime faithful can reveal.

- It feels unpleasant and quite provocative, says Hans Linde (V), foreign policy spokesperson.

The closed meeting is held in a room in the Stockholm suburb Högdalen.

Sebhat Ephrem's visit is not official and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not aware of it.

- We have no record of any official arrangement, says Sara Modin at the Foreign Ministry's press service and would not comment on UD have any comments on the defense minister are in the country unannounced.

Several police patrols are in place outside the building where the Defence Minister and the regime keeps faithful to. Outside stands a dozen exiled Eritreans and demonstrating. They have tried to get into the building to ask questions to Sebhat Efrem but they have been denied. State calmly

- The Eritrean Defence Minister who is here on a private matter and then took Eritrean association to invite him to a meeting, says Pär Lundh, external command at the police in the southern suburbs. The association has invited the Minister of Defence to discuss the situation in Eritrea.

According to Expressen posted on the City's position at the building quietly. The meeting started probably at 13 o'clock and was still going at 17 on Sunday afternoon.

Liberal Party MEP Olle Schmidt was interviewed in Expressen extra broadcast of Prime Time. He is highly critical of the Eritrean Defense Minister's visit to Stockholm.

Eritrea holds Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak, imprisoned without trial since 23 September 2001.

Hans Linde (L), foreign policy spokesperson, says react strongly to Sebhat Ephrem's unofficial visit to Sweden.

- It feels unpleasant and quite provocative to substitute for the Eritrean regime is in place in Sweden and holds meetings. It's one of those people who are complicit in that Dawit Isaak, imprisoned, says Linde continues:

- I understand he has no official meetings with some representatives of the government, he seems to be here to meet Eritreans in Sweden. It is clear that the regime has a very strong pressure on the Eritrean Swedes.